Re-Startup GAZA

For Gaza Entrepreneurs, Talent, and Businesses.

What is this?

Re-Startup Gaza, an initiative by StartupPalestine Community, aims at supporting Gaza Startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent who were affected by the 2021 attack on Gaza. The initiative entails voluntary activities and support mechanisms to help Gaza startups recover as quickly as possible.

This is an independent, community-led initiative. It is built on talent sharing and matchmaking among community members, seeking professional support from Palestinians and supporters worldwide to deliver in-kind support for startups in Gaza. Supporters could be professionals, mentors, designers, programmers, or anybody who can utilize their skills to help through voluntary work, marketing, mentoring, and much more!

Call for action!

Can you provide professional mentorship for startups and entrepreneurs? Can you do some design, programming, or any other services for startups in Gaza? Do you have a network to spread the word and attract supporters? If your answer is yes, then Gaza needs YOU! Whether you are a designer, developer, mentor, marketing expert, engineer, or anybody with professional skills, you can now support Gazan resilience and effectively contribute to rebuilding the community.

How does it work?

Re-Startup Gaza provides a platform where supporters and contributors can offer their support to help Gaza startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent. Palestinians from Gaza are matched with the most relevant contributors and professionals who can provide relevant support.

Gaza Startups: let us know what support you need and how we can help

Supporters: Tell us what you can provide and what you can contribute

For Supporters & Contributors: What you can GIVE?

Mentoring and Coaching

Give me a fish, and I’ll eat for a day. Teach me to fish, and I’ll eat for a lifetime. Your advice is much needed to inspire Palestinians in Gaza and help them to recover effectively and efficiently.

Voluntary Work

Contribute your time and utilize your skills to provide services like design, programming, marketing, etc. Be creative! Tell us what else you can provide.

Spread the Word

Show your LOVE! Learn more about startups and entrepreneurs in Gaza and help us deliver the message. Share their stories with your network and help in attracting more attention and support. Or even better, be creative and create content of your own, building on Gaza startups stories to grow the vibe!


Explore and support the latest crowdfunding campaigns for Gaza startups and entrepreneurs. Share campaigns with your network.

Offers and Freebies

Do you have a service or product that you can provide for free to Gaza startups? List it here

Recruitment and Hiring

Looking for new employees? Want to outsource some projects to freelancers? Gaza has the BEST talents you would ever find! Let us know what talent you are looking for and will suggest the top-notch candidates.

For Gaza Startups: What can you GET?

Mentoring and Coaching

If you are an entrepreneur or startup founder from Gaza, tell us what kind of professional advice you need, and we’ll connect you with the right person. Our great community can help you in business development, market analysis, pitching and storytelling, financial analysis, fundraising, and much more!

Access to Volunteers

From design and programming to marketing and content creation. Our community is rich with creativity and skills, and we’re here to provide any kind of support needed

Share your Story

Do you have a compelling and inspiring story to share? Are you seeking to grow your network and reach a wider audience? We would love to hear your story and celebrate your achievements! Our community has a great global network and would love to help you spread the word


Explore and support the latest crowdfunding campaigns for Gaza startups and entrepreneurs. Share campaigns with your network.

Offers and Freebies

Get access to special offers from our fantastic community of supporters. Get promotions, discounts and free services from a wide range of partners and supporters.

Job Opportunities

Get access to job opportunities and freelance projects specially curated and exclusively offered for Gaza! Tell us more about your skills and portfolio, what your goals are and what kind of opportunities you are looking for and we’ll connect you with the perfect match!

**Exclusive for Gaza Startups and Talents Only**

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